Bonde elétrico de Lisboa

The first consultancy specialized in trips to Portugal with children

We are two brazilian mothers, curious and full of ideas, who were charmed by Lisbon and decided to live here with their kids. We came from southern Brazil, and it was here - on the other side of the ocean - that we became friends and discovered many things in common. The main one is our passion for discovering new places to enjoy with our little ones!


So the Lisboa com Miúdos was born, the first consultancy in trips to Portugal with children!

Everyone is invited to discover the charms of this land with us.

Which does Portugal com Miúdos

Cristina Fernandes

Cristina is the mother of Leonardo, 5 years old and Monica who is still in the belly. She is enchanted by the color of Lisbon: be it by the green of the parks, the pink of the old buildings, the yellow of the "electric tram" or the beautiful blue sky. Since August 2016, when she arrived in the Portuguese capital, Cristina explores with Leo the various options of activities and places of the city and Portugal. She loves “brigadeiro” (a brazilian candy), but also swore eternal love to the “pastel de nata” (authentic Portuguese custard tart). She is graduated in Advertising, works with content editing and creative writing and in "Portugal com Miúdos" she is happy to translate into ideas her passion for traveling and the children's universe.


Caren Peixoto

Caren is Bernardo's mother, 5 years old, and her passion for traveling began well before motherhood. After a few backpackers, several countries visited and many miles traveled in a single day to not lose any attraction, she had to adapt her style of tourism with the arrival of her son. And what at first seemed an obstacle, became the greatest adventure of all: to walk and show the world to the curious eyes of little Bê. The more than 12 years of communication experience lends to the "Portugal com Miúdos" tours the translation of the best of Portugal with simple, fun and visual language so that kids and adults enjoy each moment together.