Discover the best way to enjoy Portugal with children.

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Photoshoot in Lisbon

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Are you planning a trip with children to Portugal? We set up an exclusive itinerary according to your family's preferences so you only worry about what will bring in the suitcase.



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Do you have a trip scheduled to Portugal and want to have a unique experience here with your family? A picnic in a garden high up in the city, a luau on the beach, a very special birthday celebration? Give wings to your dream and leave the organization with us.

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What our customers say...

"Thanks to you we have been able to save time and enjoy our trip with peace of mind. Speaking of economy, the rental of the child seat was excellent. All the love that was set up the script and the willingness of you to ask questions before and during the trip was a comfort. And the custom script? Most beautiful and detailed thing. I recommend Portugal com Miúdos for friends and family. Thank you for everything, you are great!"

  Amanda, Leandro, Beatriz e Manuela

Custom Itinerary

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